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  • Game Maker’s Toolkit on detective game design

    A coworker (shoutout to Isabelle) shared this with me recently and I wanted to share it here because it captures a lot of thoughts I’ve had about systems and themes in detective games, but don’t have the vocabulary to articulate. It’s a great video and definitely worth your time (only 24 minutes!) if you’re a…

  • Review: Hercule Poirot: The London Case

    Review: Hercule Poirot: The London Case

    Blazing Griffin’s 2023 follow-up to their excellent 2021 detective game Hercule Poirot: The First Cases is a big disappointment. Even if the technical issues ever get fixed, the poorly designed puzzles will always be there.

  • Some of my favorites

    Some of my favorites

    These are games that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing in the past decade. I have tried to capture, in brief, what is memorable/interesting/outstanding about them. It is a snapshot in time and I do not plan on continuously updating this post as I make my way through the backlog and come across new favorites. I…

  • Review: Murder Mystery Machine (Season 1)

    Review: Murder Mystery Machine (Season 1)

    Murder Mystery Machine (2019) from the Scotland-based developers Blazing Griffin is a puzzle game in which you play as Cassandra (“Cass”) Clarke, a rookie detective who was just assigned to work with Nate Huston at the District Crime Agency (DCA) within the local police department.

  • Hi folks

    Hi folks

    Welcome to this space where I’m planning to write about the various detective/mystery games (both video games & board games) that I’m playing or have played.